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Aircraft based at Chestermere-Kirkby Field

Wade Miller's restored Vagabond with new C85 engine. Photo by Stu Simpson.

Brian Vasseur's Zenair CH250 powered by a 160 hp O-320. Photo by John Olafson.

Gary Abel and his Cubby II powered by a 64 hp Zanzoterra and Powerfin prop. Photographer unknown.

Stu Simpson's C75 powered Merlin (Merl). Photo by Pat Cunningham.

Geoff Pritchard's 65 hp Aeronca Champ. Photo by Stu Simpson.

Bob Kirkby's 1947 PA-12 power by a 115 hp O-235. Photo by Stu Simpson.

Carl Forman's Rotax 447 powered Minimax. Photo by Bruce Piepgrass..

Jim Corner's Rotax 582 powered Kitfox.

Glen Clarke's 1939 65 hp J3 Cub. Photo by Stu Simpson.

Trey Petty's Challenger II powered by a Rotax 503. Photo by Stu Simpson.

Barry Davis's 100 hp Zenair CH600HD. Photo by Barry Davis.

Bob Kirkby and his PA-28 powered by a 235 hp O-540. Photo by Adrian Anderson.