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Click photo for stories by Bob Kirkby

Bob is the owner of Chestermere/Kirkby Field and flies a 1947 Piper Super Cruiser and a 1964 Piper Cheroke 235. At right Bob is flying the a Starduster Too he use to own.

Bob is currently a Director of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association representing Alberta & NWT. This site contains some of his flying stories plus informative articles of interest to aviators.

Click photo for Stories by Stu Simpson

Stu is an avid air adventurer well known for organizing and leading both short and long group flights lasting from a few hours to many days. His excellent stories are based on these trips and make great reading for any aviator.

Stu has owned five ultralights and is currently flying a  Merlin powered by a C75.

At right Stu stands beside a Bushmaster he use to own.

Bob Kirkby                              Photo by Doris Harrison

Stu Simpson                                 Photo by Bob Kirkby