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Flying stories

Stardust Remover 12KB

Ferrying The Starduster Too Home 300KB

Climb To Land  153KB

Sundays Are For Heavenly Ventures 41KB

A Mountain Flying Adventure  106KB

As One  13KB

Over The Rocks To Arlington 184KB

A Pilot's Epitaph (poetry) 88KB

The Reef   (fiction) 16KB


Vortex Generators on my PA28-235 (149KB)

What Type of Pilot are you? 27KB

Not All Clouds Are Lined In Silver 35KB

Taming The Tail Dragger 75KB

Understanding The Spiral Dive  32KB

Radio Installations in Ultralights and Homebuilts 77KB

History of Banff Airstrip  161KB

All files are

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