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Me and the Cherokee at the Arlington NW EAA Flyin 1999

Here's what I fly

This is my 1964 Cherokee 235 acquired in 1994. It's an excellent cross-country aeroplane, cruises at 155 mph for 6 hours (longer than I can last). Useful load is 1335 lbs so it can take full fuel (84gls), four passengers and still has room for baggage. Mountain flying is a pleasure in the 235 (see Mountain Flying story).

New paint 2013

This is my "new" 1947 Piper Super Cruiser PA-12. I bought it in Columbus, Ohio, in August 2006 and flew it home to Calgary. The trip took 19.2 hours cruising at 105 mph (minus lots of headwind). It was restored and engine rebuilt in 1974. TT is 1650 hrs with 630 hrs on the O-235, 115 hp, engine.